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5207 Fire Alarm Control/Communicator

Silent Knight 5207 Conventional Fire Alarm Control and CommunicatorThe Silent Knight Model 5207 is an all-in-one fuseless local fire evacuation control panel and digital communicator designed for applications requiring manual fire alarm, automatic fire alarm and water flow for sprinkler system supervision. The basic unit offers fire alarm for one to eight zones, expandable to 16 with the optional 5210 expansion module. It is compatible with both two- and four-wire smoke detectors. Compact, easy to install and service, it delivers the features you'd expect to find in fire systems costing much more.

During normal operation, the 5207 constantly checks smoke and other sensing devices for fire conditions. It also conducts system checks to determine if any troubles, or system problems, exist. If the 5207 encounters a fire or trouble condition, it sends a report to a central monitoring station (if applicable), and, typically, sounds an audible/ visual warning in the local area.

The 5207's microprocessor constantly runs programs to check inputs and carry out other routine functions. If the program ever stops running, a watchdog circuit will detect it and reset microprocessors to resume normal operations.

The Model 5207 conducts an automatic self-test every 24 hours-at a time you select-and sends a report to the central station (if applicable).

Other features of the system include English-language remote annunciation simplifying "Step Programming" of custom options. Remote downloading of system configurations can eliminate the expense of sending out a service technician for reprogramming. System provides a built-in fire drill procedure. The exclusive Accu-Zone feature measures and displays zone voltages, so you can set up and test the system without separate testing equipment. Fuseless circuit board design eliminates one of the most likely causes for service calls.


  • Eight zones, 6 Style A (class B) and 2 Style D (class A). 8 Expander Zones are Style A (class B). Zones are interchangeable using the Model 7181 Zone Converter.
  • UL, FM, MEA (BSA), CFM Listed and Approved.
  • Event memory.
  • Fuseless design can reduce service time.
  • Five amp current output at 24 volts.
  • Compatible with 2- and 4- wire smoke detectors as well as water flow and sounding devices.
  • Easy to install, program and service.
  • Four programmable (Style Y) supervised signal circuits, including steady, pulse and temporal.
  • Programmable smoke verification, pre-alarm delay, and cross-zoning can minimize false alarms.
  • Four general purpose relays (Form C 24 volts at 2.5 amps resistive).
  • Built-in approved digital communicator with UL required priority reporting.
  • Flexible programming capabilities including up/ downloading and use of remote annunciator. No "desktop" programmer required.
  • Accu-Zone diagnostics facilitate local and remote troubleshooting.
  • Individual zone Walk Test.


     5207 Spec Sheets
          5207 Spec Sheet (39K PDF file)
5230 Spec Sheet (161K PDF file)

     5207 Installation Manual
          5207 Installation/Programming Manual (2,275K PDF file)

     5207 Operation Card
          5207 Operation Card (22K PDF file)

     5207 CSFM Listing
          5207 CSFM Listing (40K PDF file)

     5207 Battery Calculation Sheets
5207 Manual Battery Calculations (10K PDF file)
          5207 Battery Calculation Spreadsheet (28K XLS file)

     5207 CAD Drawings
5207 CAD drawings (421K zip file)

     5207 Related Documents
5207 Reporting Formats (18K PDF file)
          5207 Troubleshoot (136K PDF file)
          5207 FAQs (28K PDF file)
          5207 Compatibility Listing (13K PDF file)
          5207 Error Messages (6K PDF file)
          5207 Operator's Guide (25K PDF file)
          5207 Operation Highlights (19K PDF file)

      5207 Accessories